Our guests' health and safety is our paramount concern, as well as the health and safety of our staff and community. Learn how we are handling COVID-19.

Covid-19 Updates

Updated: May 22, 2020

We want to thank all of our valued guests for their support and patience as we, along with the entire Cape May community, navigate the COVID-19 situation. Summer is almost here, and we know many of you are eager to enjoy a much-needed vacation.

As of Friday, June 5, we will begin welcoming guests back to our property. Per guidelines from the City of Cape May, between June 5 and June 22, we will be operating at 60% capacity. After June 22, we plan to open all of our rooms for guests to enjoy. 

Our priority, as it has always been, is to maintain safe and responsible operations for everyone who visits and works at The Victorian. In preparation for reopening, we have also been revisiting and enhancing guest experience, as well as cleaning and maintenance protocols to make all of our guests and employees feel as safe and comfortable as possible. We have adopted more rigorous housekeeping procedures aligned to CDC-recommended guidelines and are using EPA approved cleaners and disinfectants. We are also taking measures to limit occupancy whenever possible, not only in our guest rooms but in common areas, as well.

Please keep in mind that other businesses (restaurants, grocery stores, etc.) in town may be operating on different schedules and occupancies from past seasons or have limited availability of inventory—we encourage you to pack appropriately with your favorite food, personal care and convenience items.

We appreciate everyone’s assistance as we implement these new and evolving guidelines. Additional information about guest pre-arrivals, arrivals and departures is available below. If we all do our part, we can safely enjoy this summer season.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

What you need to know before you arrive…

To help make the most of your visit, we have expanded our PRE-ARRIVAL routine.

We will continue reaching out to guests ahead of their scheduled arrival date to confirm their reservation details. During this conversation, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your visit. Please visit capemaystrong.org for information regarding the re-opening plans for Cape May. This is a valuable resource that may assist you with need to know information.

We will be processing balances by credit cards before your arrival to allow for limited contact between guests and staff during check-in. All guests will receive information packets upon arrival with the most up-to-date information on the property and guest policies during your stay.

When packing for your trip, please remember to bring your personal face coverings, gloves, personal hand sanitizer and other self-care items. We also recommend bringing your own pool and beach towels. Regarding food, coffee and convenience items you may need during your stay—please keep in mind that restaurant and grocery businesses in town may be operating on different schedules and occupancies from past seasons or have limited availability of inventory—we encourage you to pack appropriately with your favorite food, personal care and convenience items, especially of in-demand items.

To ensure your safety upon arrival, we have put the following CHECK-IN procedures in place:

Check-in time has been moved back to 4pm to allow staff more time to clean each room before guest arrival—guests are welcome to check-in anytime after 4pm. We will not be able to accommodate early check-ins at this time.

To ensure your safety upon departure, we have put the following CHECK-OUT procedures in place:

Check-out time remains at 11am the day of your departure, and we kindly ask that you adhere to this policy as it allows our staff adequate time to clean the rooms before our next guests arrive. We will not be able to accommodate late checkout requests.

A friendly reminder that you may always utilize the check-out box located by the front of our main office, where you are welcome to place your room keys when you are ready to depart. All keys will be cleaned and sanitized before reuse. If you plan to re-book for another stay in 2020 or 2021, please do so during your stay, but before you depart. We kindly ask that you not re-book during busy check out and check in times, to limit guest traffic and contact in the main office. Thank you for your cooperation.
The Victorian Motel Ownership, Management & Staff

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